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 Ring shop!

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PostSubject: Ring shop!   Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:30 pm

Here is were you purchase rings for your proposals! the ring prices vary depending on worth xD

Imaginary ring-$100
Plastic ring-$100
Plastic ring with fake jewel- $120
Plastic ring with Sapphire- $150
Copper ring- $180
Copper ring with cracked jewel- $200
Copper ring with Small saphire- $250
Hand made twig and leaf ring -$300
Silver ring with small ruby jewels-$500
Silver ring with a large ruby-$550
Stained golden ring-$600
Golden ring-$650
Golden ring with a badly cracked small diamond- $700
Hypnotic ring $750
Golden ring with large saphire-$800
24 carrot gold ring with a large diamond- $900
The pimp ring of binding- $1000
Evil ring of darkness- $1000
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Ring shop!
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