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 Template for BattleField

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Minato Namikaze
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Sannin of Konoha
Minato Namikaze

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PostSubject: Template for BattleField   Wed Jul 09, 2008 1:29 pm


Taijutsu: Basic Tai, Intermediate, and Special.

Ninjutsu: Basic Nin, Intermediate, and Special.

Genjutsu: Basic Gen, Intermediate, and Special.

Weapon Techniques: Basic weapon, Intermediate, and Special.

Basic Tai: Punching and kick, throwing, ECT.
TaijutsußIntermediate Tia: Using some chakra, is lethal, a higher version of punching ECT.
Special: Using and bloodline, opening the 7 gates, and lotus.

Basic Nin: Clones, walking on water, and on trees, making your self run faster ECT.
NinjutsußIntermediate Nin: Chakra covered weapons, shorting any element form mouth ECT
Special Nin: Everything else.

Basic Gen: Hiding your self, making some illusions.
Genjutsuß Intermediate Gen: Making someone believe there in another place, confusing them.
Special Gen: Making them mentally break down or kill them self ECT.

Being able to wield a basic sword or kunai and kill with it, able to summon it.
Weapon Techß Being able to summon large amounts ok weapons, or being able to silent kill.
Covering a weapon with your chakra, being able to wield a weapon larger than you ECT.

If you dont like it just tell me and ill try to make it better ^_^

Teh beasty admin, Sam
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Template for BattleField
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