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 Mizuri Hatamachi!

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Mizukage Mizuri Hatamachi
Mizukage Mizuri Hatamachi

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PostSubject: Mizuri Hatamachi!   Sat May 03, 2008 5:33 pm

Name: Mizuri Hatamachi

Age:/Shippuden 16

Gender: female

Clan: Hokori/Hatamachi

Rank: Mizukage

Eye Color: blue with a black on the outside and white pupil

Hair Color: blonde with black streeks

Description: has had a perfectly peacful life while training under her parents, when she started attending the acadamy she was treated fairly well, she has no special talents except for making amazing coffe! no special justu, she knows how to use her mind to think fast on her feet
she has been raised in the mist village all her life and has been content, she is happily married to Roki Hatamachi

Comrades: N/A


Closest Friend: N/A

Sensei: her father

Specialty: water ninjustu

Demon/Curse Seal: N/A


History:she was born in the mist village into a small clan. the Hokori clan has a Kekkei Genkai that allows the user to push chakra into objects and the chakra explodes! she has an older brother named zek, they are the two strongest of they're clan but they're parents were very weak in the clan and where looked down on but she was very happy with her life and didnt mind what others thought of her. she is deeply in love with her new husband, Roki Hatamachi! she really doesnt have any friends but is ok with it because she has her husband and his friends.
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Minato Namikaze
Sannin of Konoha
Sannin of Konoha
Minato Namikaze

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PostSubject: character   Sat May 03, 2008 7:08 pm


Teh beasty admin, Sam
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Mizuri Hatamachi!
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