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 Minato Namikaze's Character

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Minato Namikaze
Sannin of Konoha
Sannin of Konoha
Minato Namikaze

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PostSubject: Minato Namikaze's Character   Sat May 03, 2008 8:06 am

Name: Minato Namikaze

Age:/Shippuden: 16

Gender: Male

Clan: Senju (Thousand Arms) of the Forest were one of the founding clans of Konoha. Under Senju Hashirama, they allied with other clans including the Uchiha, to found the Fire Country's ninja village. It is unknown if Senju retains a clan structure in the current Konoha. Minato is the only known living descendant of founding brothers of Konoha.

Rank: Is Sannin-Kage LVL

Eye Color: Blue but when he uses telekinesis they turn red

Hair Color: Brown strands mainly blond

Description: He has on a Jounin jacket on with a black tight fighting light armored shirt under he also wears a white muscle T , he is identified by his tattoos on his arm and on his side .Has a katana on his back.

Comrades: Roki

Pet: Gamabunta,snakes, tigers, toads.

Closest Friend: Roki

Sensei: Jiraiya

Specialty: Genjutsu,Ninjutsu,Weapon,Puppets. ex: Flying Thunder God Technique, Sanctuary Enlight enment Enclosing Palm, Human Puppet, Running Fire, Rasengan, Dragon Fire Technique. ect

Demon/Curse Seal: He has a red curse mark on his abs, side that has a demon sealed in he can use telekinesis to move things and it gives his chraka and stamina 10 fold, he becomes ill tempered when his seal is active or getting ready to be activated. With his seal activated he can do almost anything. with his chraka supply ( as seen in Pic )

Nickname: Devil, Sam, DMC, Konoha's Yellow Flash- KYF

Histo: At the age of nine Minato graduated from the Academy. Shortly afterwards he became the student of Jiraiya alongside two fellow team members. Under the Ero-Sennin he would greatly increase his skills and impress Jiraiya with his tenacity. Jiraiya would select Minato to carry on the heritage of frog summoning. His skills would further grow with the development of Rasengan and Hiraishin. The latter technique would grant him the nickname "Konoha's Yellow Flash" because of the way he and his bright yellow hair would flicker out of existence to appear elsewhere. At his current age 16 he has mastered Hariaishin, Rasengan, and the art of killing. He continues to live his life as Sannin of Konoha.

Teh beasty admin, Sam

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Mizukage Mizuri Hatamachi
Mizukage Mizuri Hatamachi

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PostSubject: Re: Minato Namikaze's Character   Sat May 03, 2008 5:20 pm

APPROVED!!! i guess
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Minato Namikaze's Character
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